Ignez Nig. Ltd. The leading name and suppliers of high quality automotive products

Servicing & Maintenance

Servicing and maintenance of Ignez Nig. Ltd equipment or infrastructure involves routine inspections, repairs and upkeep to ensure operational efficiency and longevity.

Brake Pads & Linings

Our brake pads and lining spare parts sales cater to the needs of customers seeking reliable and high-quality components for their braking system.

Trailer Parts

We offer a selection of trailer parts to ensure your trailer performs at its best.

Auto Electrical Components

From Ignition to lighting solutions, we've got everything you need for your vehicle's electrical system.

Starter Components

We offer parts related to clutch like Clutch Plate, pressure plates, flywheel and clutch bearings


Our high-quality bearings are designed to provide long-lasting durability and smooth operation.

Engine Mountings & Rubber Bushes

Our engine mountings and rubber bushes offer excellent vibration isolation and noise reduction.

Suspenssion Parts

We provide a variety of suspension parts to ensure a comfortable ride and maximum handling.

Casting Components

Our casting components are designed to withstand the toughest conditions and provide long-lasting performance.

Engine Parts

We've got you covered in engine components from pistons to crankshafts.

Gear Box Parts

We offer a wide range of gearbox components to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly.

Repair Kits & Components

We offer a variety of repair kits and components to keep your vehicle running smoothly

We give The Best Quality Auto Spare Parts

The company provides haulage logistics services, indicating a focus on the transportation of goods. This involves using a fleet of trucks to move products from one location to another. This include transporting goods from manufacturing plants to distribution centers, delivering products to retailers, or handling the logistics for businesses involved in e-commerce.

Quality & Management

Our Company

The company specializes in the sale and distribution of automotive spare parts. This could include components such as engine parts, brakes, suspension systems, replacement batteries, filters, belts, and other parts that are commonly needed for vehicle maintenance and repair, and other vital components for various types of vehicles.

At Ignez Nig. Ltd, our mission is to be a leading force in the automotive industry, specializing in the supply of high-quality auto spare parts and providing top-notch haulage solutions. We are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations by consistently delivering reliable and durable spare parts, coupled with efficient and timely haulage services. Our commitment extends to fostering innovation, sustainability, and exceptional customer satisfaction as we contribute to the seamless operation of the automotive ecosystem. Ignez Nig. Ltd strives to be the trusted partner that drives success for our clients through excellence in products and services.”